Hello 4AGE experts!

I'm planning thr rebuild of my 3 rib, bigport 4age. It's currently in my ae86 and has been since I performed a swap conversion from another written off ae86 approximately 15 years ago, just before the craze hit! Now back then I was all up with it and in the Toyota game.. But not for the last 10yrs. For about the last 8-9yrs the car has been in storage then 18months ago I brought it out, cut the rust and re-panelled, full vehicle teardown and respray. Now it's all back together to a respectable level.

Now it's time for the engine........!!

So when I got the donor wreck, the glovebox was full of engine build receipts from Sydney. I don't have these anymore unfortunately.
The motor ran, and it was beautifully balanced, standstill revving between idle and redline would barely tip a glass of water!

It's had about 150,000km put on it since then and in dire need of a rebuild. Don't get me wrong, it still runs well, puts down a good powerband, slightly noisy tappets, not as well balanced, and uses more fuel than it used too.
I also did mild engine maintenance recently to get it to a good driving state.

Current Spec:
Bigport + t-vis
3 rib
6 fly bolt crank
No colour cam covers
Pretty sure cams are std
Mr2 distributor
Fwd cut n shut to rwd plenum
Ecu needs identification - redline is about 7k
Awesome no-name 4-2-1 headers with long radius bends and long primary and secondaries, sounds amazing and looks professionally made but never seen an identical set anywhere!
Oil filter sandwich cooler
Near new every HD clutch
Near new ignition leads and iridium plugs
Near new timing belt (gates racing) and idler
VL triple core rad

Now, onto the rebuild plan.
I'm looking for an extremely reliable and medium performance oriented streetable build.

What I need is your expert help with your experience, opinion & procurement advice for the following configuration I have in mind and where I can source parts locally in Australia, or buy from the internet only with adequate referral.

Planned Spec:
1. Keep all parts as currently on the motor.
2. Refresh block, hone etc. Don't want to go oversize pistons but will if the block needs it.
3. New pistons to up compression - recommendations? Must suit 18mm pin unless I get new Conrods...??
4. New rings, gaskets, headgasket, bearings, etc - where to buy? What type? Part no's?
5. Lighter flywheel - brand, price etc
6. ARP stud kit? Where to buy? Price?
7. New oil pump/gears? Just in case. Where to buy? Price?
8. New water pump - Where to buy? Price?
9. Full rotating assembly balance. Who in Vic?
10. Reco head. Port n polish. Reface/lap valve seats etc.
11. New cams thinking around 264/264 in/ex or 272/264, max lift to suit std shims -Suggestions where to buy and prices?
Already have adjustable cam gears in a box somewhere.. Who can tune/dial these in in melb?
12. New valve springs - aftermarket? Where? Who?
13. ??? Anything I am missing.

I am of the opinion I would like to keep rotating mass to a minimum, i.e keep the bigport crank and Conrods etc.. I would like to see it rev really fast..

I am very mechanically inclined so I can do the assembly and weight matching of components myself etc. Have rebuilt euro motors before..
The only thing I would prefer to outsource is block and head machining, cam tuning and rotating mass balancing.

All of this is anticipation of a further upgrade down the track including itb's and aftermarket Ecu etc. But at the moment it would need to run on stock management.

The other thing I would like to know is standard head and block deck dimensions, I.e. If this motor has been rebuilt before I want to be able to check how much as been machined..

Please feel free to comment ≠)
Thanks in advance too!