Hey guys, need some help with gathering up a parts list for my engine rebuild, I wanna pretty much swap the stock engine of my ae86 with a 4AGE 20valve engine but I'm extremely noob when it comes to the engine part of cars, so, I was wondering if I could have someone make me a parts list, y'know? I don't really need any links, just the models, name of the part, etc. all I'll need is enough info to look up the part and buy it. I'm not looking for anything too crazy, just a pretty good engine, that looks great and is easy to maintain, even if one of you guys own an AE86 with a 4age 20v engine, could you send me a parts list? And also, if you could send me the FULL parts list, so I don't have to buy a part and find out it doesnt fit, being a waste of money.
If I could get a full list with compatible parts that would be GREAT!!
- Jordan