Cephx Technologies Ltd has developed an impeccable cloud based solution for Cephalometric Analysis termed CephX. It is developed by the combined efforts of the most trusted team of experienced and qualified orthodontists and software experts. CephX is very useful for analyzing cephalometric images. Several orthodontic and dental practitioners can benefit by their designed software and use it for accurate Cephalometric X-ray analyses, teledentistry patient record management and image archiving. These help health care practitioners to save their precious time and pay more attention on their patient’s health.

Cephalometric analysis is one of the most common procedures utilized by orthodontists and dentists to identify any physical disorder and abnormalities. To create an appropriate treatment plan for any specific health concern, it is highly imperative to have proper knowledge and understanding about that particular health issue. Using Cephalometric analysis, it becomes easy to deliver the best-in-class treatment to valuable patients.

They employ highly effective and distinct technology which is known as AlgoCeph. Now, this is widely accepted in well equipped hospitals and health care clinics. Using these advances in dentistry, you can attain very authentic and accurate cephalometric analysis in just few seconds. One of the best advantages of utilizing this technology is that you can improve productivity as well as generate more revenues. Moreover, it can reduce operational costs, thus it can be considered as the most considerable and cost effective option for cephalometric analyses and treatment associated with it.

In addition to this, you can download descriptions of Cephalometric analysis with the help of CephX system and evaluate the outputs. With more than 15 years of experience, Cephx Technologies Ltd holds an impressive record of analyzing around 275,000 cephs. Some of them were custom analyses such as Jefferson, Rickets, and Steiner and so on. Their first analysis is totally free along with subscription at $1 only for first month.

Now, if you are seeking the best and effective trends in dentistry, then you should opt for AlgoCeph technology offered by CephX. With the help of this technology, the health care practitioners can upload data and information of their patients to any tool with remote access. If you have any query or doubt regarding their services, then you can feel free to contact their professionals. They are always responsive to help you in the professional manner.

To know more, you can visit https://cephx.com/.