Just bought my first 86 for $1K. It's an 1985 SR5 Zenki Coupe that I'm currently working on. Figured I should have a place to document the whole build as I'm going to be wrenching on this thing 5 days a week, 3 hours a day, so let's get on with it.

I bought the car for $1K, and this was it's state upon bringing it home:
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The majority of the car was there, fenders, bumper, bash bar, etc. I had the spare 4A-C in the truck bed. I brought it over to the shop the next day. In it's current state I've swapped the original 4-AC for the spare since the original motor had spun a few bearings, it slipped in nicely:
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After that I got to bolting the fenders and most of the trim back on:
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At the moment, I need to bolt the flex plate back onto the torque converter, bolt the bellhousing on, test compression, oil, ignition, fuel, etc, and hopefully it will become my daily. Obviously I do need parts to finish off, all in good time. I am making this my daily since I'm still just a 17 year old finishing up high school, so a ridiculous swap like a BEAMS or Blacktop 4AGE might be out of place for me, however I wouldn't mind trying a Bluetop or Redtop swap down the road, all I need is a T50 and some patience. More updates next week.