Hey I am new here, from Alabama.... Have had my 86 for a few years and just now getting around to fixing her.

Here is a little bit of her history
She was bought in Birmingham, Alabama, by a young lady who also lived and worked in the area. Unfortunately, the driver got a DUI.... ran up on a curb, busted the front driver side rim, knocked the front bumper a touch out of whack, and then left a little gash on the door/ qp. The poor little car sat in an impound lot for over 14 years.... Was saved from the crusher and then I acquired it... I am the 2nd registered owner. Car has 170k miles on it, ALL original.

Now, since I have started working on it, this is what all I have done!

-Replaced gas tank
-Flushed fuel lines
-Replaced Wheel Cylinders and bled brakes.
-Replaced carburetor
-Capped off alot of vac lines
-New Spark Plugs and Wires
-New Battery
-new Ignition Switch
-Replaced Fuel Pump and Filter, along with fuel lines under hood
-Replaced all Fuses and Relays
-New Pos battery connector
-Fixed the ground to firewall, made sure it had good connection
-Replaced Master and Slave clutch Cylinders, bled clutch lines
-Readjusted rear drum shoes

Now, here is what I am dealing with:
-Car cranked on its own saturday without extra help etc, ran for 2 solid minutes then cut out and died.
-Sounded fine, did not sound like a misfire or anything like that. Was pretty loud, would not be surprised if I had a big exhaust leak, but hey, she is old so I cannot complain there.

What are some things I can check that would cause it to cut off after running for just 2 short minutes? I am not incredibly familiar with carburetors so I want to say my issue is there but I am not sure.... Recently had to have the floats readjusted because I was getting WAY too much fuel. I have attached a photo of my car :-) If photos up under the hood would help just let me know.

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