Hey guys I picked this hunk of rust up for 100 buckaroos this year. It has some issues to say the least.

1. Alternator was not charging (think I fixed it but then again my amps are still low, but they are higher than they were)
2. Misfire from severely stripped out spark plugs, have another head at the machine shop now to fix that issue
3. Massive Exhaust leak, cannot ride in the car with the windows up! It will choke you out! Will fix with new headers and Borla exhaust and muffler....

Thus Far I have:
1. Completely replaced the grounds under the hood... Pretty sure I got them all but.... Okay so the alternator was not charging, was getting around 11.5 amp reading off batt and alt. After I fixed the grounds, the amps went up to 12.5.... However that is still low! Need it to be at 13.75! Any ideas? The main problem with this car is that the bottom end of the motor came off an early 5m, so the alternator had NO regulator. Now, it does. Between that and the replacement of the grounds, that is when my amps went up to 12.5.... I drove it a couple days in a row after doing that and it seemed to be fine other than the misfire. ....
2. That is pretty much it lol.

I am worried about the amps tho! What do I need to check next? I was thinking that the alt may still not be grounding properly, so I will address that this weekend.... Any other ideas are welcome. Click image for larger version. 

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