Hey lads.

Thought I'd finally post my ride up and join the forum as I'm sure I would inevitably do so soon anyway, and also I cant sleep lol.

I got my 86 from Adelaide in early September. Did as much research on the car and from what I have seen this car has been around a lot. Used to be in Sydney, now it's back.

When I first got it, the car ran like crap, exhaust was essentially falling off, wheels were buckled and rashed, inside was extremely dirty, and... Yeah, driving it back to Sydney was just a real pain (though it was a mad experience).

But after a good and well needed service, I'm slowly putting the car back together properly. Trying to restore this car so that it will be nice to daily.

Not sure what I should put on this thread, but my plans for the future are:

- fix all exhaust leaks
- find out why the car smells like fuel and runs rich
- fix my lights and brackets so they will hold the grille properly
- get the grey jdm interior which imo looks better
- a/c (which is so hard to find atm at a decent price - if anyone could point me in the right direction, thatd be great)

That's just a run down of what I want to do. I might look at getting the whole car resprayed (maybe) haha.

Thanks for looking.

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