Hey so I have a 86 SR5 hatch that has 170k original miles on it, have recently started throwing parts at her. Here is what I have done so far:

Fuel Pump, Filter, and all new lines under the hood
Rebuilt carburetor
capped off most of the vac lines
replaced some blown fuses
replaced the ignition switch.
wheel cylinders, master and slave clutch cyls
EGR delete

I managed to get it cranked a couple weekends ago. She idled for about 2 solid minutes then died. I had a block off plate made for the left side of the EGR. plugged the right side with a spark plug (could not find a bolt to replace the banjo bolt with, i tried) but the spark plug works well enough.

Car will not crank. I am not sure what to check now. Only thing I can think of is to buy more vac line, and completely redo all the stock vac lines how the car came originally, instead of capping them off. Any ideas? Anything I can try to narrow it down?

1. car IS getting fuel and spark! Has compression. Ran for those 2 minutes fine before.
2. I have not really messed with carbureted cars before, but after a few tries on cranking it, I typically let it sit for a while so I do not flood it when I try again.