Howdy from the state of Texas! I go by Kyle, and other than wishing for an actual first car, I've got no experience, but do have *tons* of knowledge on maintenance and build from outside sources.

As for that mentioned first question; How would I go about buying, putting together, and running a street tuned 4A-GE of whichever type, followed by implanting it into a chassis similar in character to the AE86 (Miata NA/Anything else as small/light/"cute")

Now while I did say I have knowledge of this, I don't have tuning knowledge, so lots of that would be appreciated.
(PS I feel like an upgraded ~125bhp base 4A-GE would make the norm of Miatas being extra slow changed...despite it still being slower than most after changes are made)
(PSS I'll take the hate of mentioning a Miata here, but there just aren't any AE86 trims close by...)