Hey all,

Last week I picked up my ae86, as far as I know he started life as a clean daily driver & was purchased off the 2nd owner with the intention of a entry level drift car project.
The 3rd owner had converted the old 4AC, to a 4AGZE which has been apparently forged & converted to turbo.
The 86 has a T50 manual trans (not really sure how good or bad it is, personally considering a w58 conversion) & a T18 drum brake rear end with a TRD 2 way LSD (diff is definitely a 2 way or a weldy but idk how accurate the rest of the information is) and yeah, the rest is whatever, has holes for a cage, been stripped, interior is worse for wear, well whats left of it anyway (roof lining is very good surprisingly), has a terrible silver craft glitter sparkle paint job & has quarter slapped a wall, fortunately the only damage body wise is the quarter, front guard and slight bubbles under the paint from rust.

The rest seems okay, all the bushes are reasonably new, has s13 coilovers, knuckles 4 stud brakes, LCAs & tie rods with standard AE86 caster rods and sway bars.

I am looking to hopefully restore it into a clean street car that will be a bit of fun at a motorkhana or a track day here and there, nothing serious as that is the plan with my ZN6.

Also, his name is Tofu, toaf or toast for short as stupid as it sounds that is what my girlfriend decided to name him, he is our project car so I guess its fair? Haha anyway here are some photos of them both (AE & ZN6)

PS: someone sell me a driver side front swaybar endlink please!!!!

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