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Thread: Need help with 4A-GE running issue, please

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    Default Need help with 4A-GE running issue, please

    I've only owned my car a few months. (A 1981 Toyota Starlet with a 4A-Ge swap)
    I had to replace the transmission, all the brakes including the almost impossible to find brake booster, etc. It ALWAYS started and idled very high. But otherwise ran well. I figured it was an issue with the coolant controlled idle circuit....
    A few days ago, I replaced all of the belts and hoses. I found a LOT of rusty sludge in the idle control lines and the idle control itself. I cleaned it out. But upon replacing the coolant and bleeding the system, The car now surges at idle and will not rev up. The speed pulsates up and down and pops and sputters if you give it any throttle at all.
    I have just ordered an idle control block off plate to remedy my original issue of very high idle and now surging idle. My question is, would/could that circuit also make the car not want to rev? Quite simply, I didn't mess with anything else. It ran well.....I replaced the hoses, coolant and the alternator belt and now it doesn't want to run well. I didn't mess with the timing or touch anything electronic.
    Thank you!!
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