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Thread: 1985 AE86 Corolla GTS - big port blue top

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    Default 1985 AE86 Corolla GTS - big port blue top

    Hello all! First time poster here, excited to join the fray. I have a nice little project car going on and wanted to jump into more forums, asking for advice instead of just reading and reading. Would love to go into detail, but I’ll keep it short for now and break up my questions amongst other threads.

    My AE86 has been completely ripped apart, trying a modified restore from scratch basically. She’s getting a full role cage, hoping to find better interior panels (black) or I’ll use door cards, seibon carbon fiber doors, seibon carbon fiber hood AND hatch, full vertex USA body kit, new brakes, new suspension, rebuilding the 4AGEC, the works. It’s been a slow journey the past few years, but we’re finally making progress and I hope to finish her by this summer.

    I have LOTS of questions and hoping some of you guys can save me from making noob mistakes. Thanks for listening!


    *on my phone now, can’t upload pictures. Will try an upload tomorrow
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