Hey guys,
recently I purchased an ADM AE86 with a "forged 4A-GZE turbo"
the motor is using a TVIS manifold (not sure if big port or small port or if there is even a difference), VT Ecotec throttle body, custom turbo manifold, a used Borg-Warner KKK K26 turbo with an old school turbosmart external gate & a microtech LT10s & x4 IGBT for the coil packs.

Now the motor has a few issues, firstly, before a drive, generally on cold start, the car doesn't blow any smoke unless it has been sitting for a long time, in this case, the oil burning or white-ish blue smoke only occurs once I turn the car off after driving it and then starting it up 5 or 10 minutes after, whilst everything is still warm. I am suspicious of either bad turbo seals and or valve stem seals but the quantity of the oil burnt isn't even really noticeable when checking the dipstick.

secondly, I am pretty sure the guy who built the motor used the FWD Crank pulley, water pump pulley, water pump housing and backing because there is a spastic 4 piece bottom radiator hose that goes from the water pump to the back of the motor and then back to the front of the car into the rad, the joins leak coolant a bit at high RPM and it is annoying, wondering if anyone can kinda point me in the right direction to sort that shit out.

thirdly, the breather on the intake cam rocker cover is venting to atmosphere, now there are slight very faintly visible puffs, that blow at a consistent velocity (obviously increasing with engine RPM), that isn't the issue though, the issue is the dip stick popping out, I am fairly certain it is due to the rubber around the top being rock hard but just wondering if there is anything like perhaps the dual oil cap mod that I can do to relieve some of the crank case pressure if there is too much (or just in case there is, kinda like as a precaution)

Thanks in advance