Recently at the All Jap Day bne, Shannons was there and mine is insured with them.

Once they looked at it, upped the valuation considerably to (from 25 to 30 then to 45k at the AJD and if I wanted to go to circa 55k not an issue but they wanted it at the West End workshop to get a better look.

Just wondering how everyone else is going valuation wise as some I've talked to have had downright insulting values due to the insurance co not being able to evaluate the collectors value of the car.

What have you got yours insured for?
Seeing who has a high value and what you went through to get it.

Obviously with mine it has history and a story from JPN through Takao, JBlood and TecArts from production series to D1. But all the go fast bits in mine you can still buy for an idiotic amount of money through TecArts but the Takao bits I cant get anymore.