When driving (at any speed) after maybe an hour the rev gauge goes crazy randomly and the car jolts and jerks as the gauge goes up and down then if i try to continue to drive after a minute or so it eventually stalls. I try to start the car and its pretty much impossible unless i wait at least 5 minutes and even then it really struggles to drive and the rev issue continues.

Felt the coil and module to see if they were overheating and they were fine.

Issue started before replacing alternator, coil and module.

Tested Battery at idle and reads normal at 14.6v
Tested Battery with car off reads normal at 12.6v
Tested Alternator to see if it was charging the battery and its charging.

"CHARGE" light on dash stays on with new alternator

Not sure if this would affect the issue but the radiator core is pretty bad and needs replacing

Car Details


- 16v Smallport 4AGE
- Side Draft Webers
- Facet Electric Fuel (Pump fairly new/filter clean)
- Crane Cams XR3000 ignition (Replaced last week)
- Crane Cams PS50 Coil (Replaced last week with XR3000)

New Rotor Button
New Dizzy Cap
New Spark plugs
New Leads
New Smallport 4AGE Aftermarket Alternator (Replaced 2 days ago)

Cant remember exactly when i replaced the battery but could be approx. 3 years old. It seems to be ok with multi meter but maybe could have some damage from being fully drained then using jumpstarter quite a few times. Will be replacing it this week anyway.

Here is the Youtube video

If anyone here could help me out that would be much appreciated!