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Thread: AE86 Beams/Altezza Fuel Gauge

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    Default AE86 Beams/Altezza Fuel Gauge

    In the Beams AE86 the last piece of electrical work I need to get going is the fuel gauge

    Wondering if there is anyone in Sydney area that specialises in this are otherwise I'm keen to get it working myself.

    What Ive got
    Altezza Cluster
    Beams ECU
    Stock AE86 Fuel Sender
    Altezza Body Control Module

    The closest write up I can find on the interwebz is below;
    "getting the Altezza / IS300 cluster to work with the stock sending unit:
    the AE86 fuel sender works on 0-110ohm scale, so does my RA64 sending unit and I got mine to work fine with the IS300 cluster - not perfect, but good enough so I know when I need to fuel up. the Altezza uses (2) 55 ohm sending units wired in series because it uses a "saddle bag" type tank but it uses the same 0-110 ohm scale.
    The stock sending unit has one wire from the gauge (and possibly one for a low fuel warning, don't use that wire), and another wire going to ground (possibly up near the driver front kick panel) - both of these wires need to go to the IS300 body control module (BCM). The IS300 BCM is clipped onto the driver front fuse box, try to get one with the connectors on the side and more than an inch or two of wire (to make connections easier to make).
    first pic is the stock wiring for my '85 RA64, I imagine AE86 is probably the same. The ground wire from the stock sending unit on mine was brown - make sure you use the correct wire, use the wiring diagram and ohm it out to be sure.
    second pic is the 2 connectors on either side of the BCM. Connector on the left will be where you make the fuel sending unit connections.
    third pic is the BCM connector which clips directly into the IS300 fuse box, there is no separate connector, you will need to figure out how to make these connections. All the power wires can be connected together to a single fuse, it doesn't need much power, 10A should be more than enough.
    fourth pic is how the multiplex system is connected together, just bypass the theft deterrent module connection. These are all orange and blue 22 ga wires to and from the BEAMS wiring - it just makes a loop through all the modules"

    I've drawn up what I think it might look like based on the description above (see the note Pad Paper) ad well as some diagrams from the above post

    Anyone could point me in the right direction would be appreciated.

    One guy got it his working, this is a quick set up on what it looks like
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