After having a buyer renege on the sale this is back up for sale. No EOI either.

Basic specs are:
Engine: 139rwkw 16v Smallport 4AGE - quad throttles, forged bottom end, custom ported head and custom Kelford cams. Built by Knight Engines, SA.
Electronics: Haltech Sprint 500 with a Racepak IQ3 dash. Complete custom loom.
Suspension: Tokico HTS102s in custom struts, Whiteline front sway, custom 4 link traction brackets.
Brakes: Wilwood Superlite fronts on 298mm discs, R32 rears on 270mm discs, custom brake bias box with dual Wilwood master cylinders.
Wheels: Either 4x Lineasport 15x6.5 or 4x Simmons V4s 15x6.5
Interior: fully caged, lower half stripped to IPRA specs.

Logbooked for EM

Currently i have plans for the seat and harness. Seat is a tight fit, so wouldnt suit everyone anyway.

Happy to build spec to suit purchaser too, have spares and extras if the buyer wants to add them on. Spares and extras will not be sold until base car is sold.

Has papers and clean numbers if anyone wanted to transform it back into a road car (yes, it would be a fair bit of work).