Hi All,

i have just purchased a KE35 coupe as a rolling shell and want to build it to be a fun and fast Street car.
i have had quite a few toyotas in the past (ie: ae71 - 4age , St141/142 coronas) all with different engines and
combinations of mix match toyota parts as modifications.

my idea for the car is to run the following components for a few criteria reasons.
i have a set of (14x8 -0 5x114.3) offset wheels i am attached to and determined to run
based on my limited knowledge this seems the logical combination of parts for me to mod and install.

Motor - 3sge Beams
Gearbox - beams 6 speed ( im not sure of the series)

Diff - RNxx Hilux ( for shorter ratios/ 5stud / disc brake / air locker) all in one.. ( thoughts?)

Crossmember : ST141 corona ( as 2sc engine is stock) + steering rack

Lcas: stock Ke35 ( crossmember would be longer thus giving me extended track)

knuckles: Ae71 or St141 depending on strut/ coilover option , also depending on brake mounting and 5 stud conversion
to my knowledge a corona stub axel will bolt up to an old Crown hub which is 5 stud however im not sure what caliper/ rotor options this leaves me with.

Tailshaft: custom made

this might not be the best combination of parts but as far as i can tell this combination would be the easiest to get engineered as most things are stock looking. im not set on these parts i just seek advice as im sure many people have tackled one or more of these problems in the past.

yes its a big job
no i dont care

if there is already a thread or discussion on any of these feel free to send me a link, i havent come across any as of yet.