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Thread: No speedometer? No problem. My fix.....

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    Default No speedometer? No problem. My fix.....

    Maybe everyone already knows this EXCEPT me, but...........
    I have a car (KP61) with another cars engine and a donor transmission from a third unit with an electrical system made from scratch...You get it.
    I had NO speedometer.
    I found several GPS round, stock looking speedometers on Ebay. Bought one for just $58. I cut a blank out of plexiglass the size of my dash panel and popped it in with a SUN tach simply hooked up to my coil and a temp gauge hooked up to a sender in my upper radiator hose. Painted the panel black and wow. Pretty impressive!!
    It works GREAT.
    Fully instrumented dash panel. With night lighting for about $120! And no issue routing a cable. Just a few wires and a hidden antenna.
    Just a tip for anyone driving around looking for a speedometer or a cable to fit your custom length sized or no longer available cable.
    There are also digital and "heads up: display types. And some of them are under $30.
    Give one a try.
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