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Thread: Nath's 1984 AE71 Spirit BEAMS 3SGE

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    Default Nath's 1984 AE71 Spirit BEAMS 3SGE

    Hi All,

    Thought i would start a thread for my AE71 Build, or should i say re-work of the car.

    Here is the build thread for the first rendition of this car featuring a 7AGTE 20v Turbo engine

    Which has been a true joy to drive over the last few years, however
    I have missed the memories and joys of a screaming N/A engine under the hood from many years ago..
    And it is time to build an N/A engine for this car, lose some weight in the car in an attempt to
    regain the nimble nature of a light corolla which was noticeably diminished with the heavy Hilux diff, w58 box and
    and the bolt ons that are required for a turbo engine such as manifolds intercooler ect ect.

    Also a nice and linear power curve would improve the overall driveability of the car particular at the tighter circuits such as Winton.

    With the 7AGTE engine/gearbox sold off, as well as the hilux diff setup, I can move on building the new driveline.

    The new differential: (in progress)
    Mark 2 Corona F series Diff
    JDI Fabrications AE71 Mount kit welded on
    Tarago oil baffles (Samq)
    Skyline r33 disks
    Duel r33 caliper setup
    Altezza Cusco 1.5 way LSD
    4.56 gears

    The Engine:
    Altezza Blacktop 3SGE Beams Engine
    Built by Cave Hill Engines

    thus far:
    TRD Inlet and exhaust 296 camshafts
    TODA cam gears and TODA cambelt
    TRD billet Inlet adaptor for throttles
    HKS Super header
    new OEM Oil Pump
    new OEM water pump
    OEM 3sge Gasket set
    ARP Headstuds
    ARP Main studs
    Cave Hill engines full head port and polish, matching the
    inlet and exhaust manifoltd in this process

    And the Glenn Booth collection:
    Billet Crankshaft (85mm big end)
    Valve Springs
    Oversize stainless valves
    Titanium retainers
    CP 13.5:1 forged pistons 86.5mm(sent these off for Teflon coated skirts and ceramic coated crowns)
    Forged longer rods, 85mm big end

    Yet to be purchased are the booth 50mm throttles and outboard TODA style injection system.


    Standard altezza J160
    SAMQ Shifter relecation Kit
    Custom Made TILTON Twin Plate Race clutch/flywheel


    Engine management by ADAPTRONIC
    Modular M2000

    So that is where i am at so far, Engine is being built over the next few weeks,
    as you can see in the photos, a torque plate has been made prior to bore and hone.

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