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Thread: A terribly seized axle

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    Question A terribly seized axle

    Hi new member here,
    First time posting so im hoping i dont screw it up.

    i have a 1986 gts corolla. Im trying to take my rear axles out so i can drop the diff, and take it to a guy to get it rebuilt. Ive taken out the right axle but the left axle is stuck inside the housing. Ive tried to heat up the bearing housing with a torch. Ive been trying to use a slide hammer. Ive used almost a whole bottle of PB blaster in 3 days. i put on a trash wheel backwards, and hit it with a sledge hammer. My strong russian homie came over to try swinging the sledge hammer at the slide hammer. also ive drained the diff and tried to spray it, and the axle with PB blaster during all of this. Ive also tried a couple other little things that may or may not have helped. I have no clue what to do at this point. Im starting to feel depressed because i cant come up with a solution.

    Please help me.

    Ryka M
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