Hello everyone this is my first time posting here. I’ve been a long time 80’s Toyota fan and own a couple MR2’s and a AE82 FX16.
I have also helped friends work on several ae86’s and have completed a 4agze swap into one of them.

The reason I come to this forum for help is because I need specific information on the smallport 4age distributor, the type found in the ae92 Corolla Seca SX and Corolla FX GTi.

I have a smallport engine in my USDM Corolla FX16 and have ran it on the stock largeport electronics for a few years. I recently bought all the parts and pieces to convert the cars electronics over to the smallport MAP based ecu. The ecu I sourced came from an smallport ae92 and is part number 89661-20890.

My question is about the distributor.
What type of trigger wheel setup is inside of the distributor for the Ae92 smallport?

Though searching I have found that it should be the 24 tooth NE wheel with a single tooth “g” wheel with 2 “G” pickups. It should have a single square plug with 4 wires (NE,G-,G1,G2)

But last night I came cross a post on a Link G4 forum where a guy had this same engine but his distributor had a 4 tooth NE wheel and the rest the same.

The USDM smallports are rare and only produced for a few years in 3 chassis, they use an entirely different ECU with a different style ignition system (VAST instead of ESA)

Basically I have rounded up all these electronics parts and installed them in my car and adapted my wiring to suit the “new” ECU and all the electronics that go with it but I can’t get my injectors to fire, I have spark but nothing from the injectors, and I have verified they have power, it’s the ECU which is not grounding or “pulsing” them.

The distributor I am currently using is from a USDM 4AGZE, it has the 24th NE wheel and single tooth G trigger with 2 “g” pickups.
From my research it should be equivalent but now I am wondering if maybe it’s not and that’s what my problem is.

Sorry for this huge post, if anyone has a legit 100KW smallport 4AGE distributor from an Aussie AE92 Seca SX or FX GTi (part number should be 19100-16250) that they can look at or take a picture of that way I can confirm what type of distributor I need that would be amazing.
I have looked high and low for this information but have came up empty handed that’s why I come here.

Cheers mates and thanks for reading!!