Hey guys, I've recently finished converting my T-18 to a 4age bigport motor.
Im up to the point of actually getting it running right, I was trying to start it for ages
and it would kick over but then die straight away. I decided to pull out
the map sensor and she fired up and ran pretty decent besides running
really rich. So i thought my map sensor was stuffed, I picked up another one i know
is working plugged it in and it does the same thing, will kick over and die straight away.

So my question to any one out there is, What will cause it to run without the map sensor,
but not at all with one plugged in?
I was told it could be picking up an earth from somewhere and that i should check the wiring
but its using the loom it came with out of the ae82 and it hasn't been modified at all from its
factory condition.