Hello everyone,

My name's Sel, short for Selcuk. I was born and bred in the UK but am now living in Turkey, where cars are bloody expensive! This forum looks like a nice place so I'll stick around...and possibly move your furniture about a bit

So, to the crux of the matter. I have been offered this what I believe to be an AE86 1.6SR for basically peanuts (around 400USD). The car starts and drives, bodywork is really nice with no rust on it or the chassis. Just a few bits that are missing (headlights, taillights, bits of trim) but overall pretty good.
Obviously I'll be working on it changing suspension, wheels and the engine (at a later date) and some other bits and bobs too.

I was having a browse around the internet and I think I've been led to believe that this car could be an AE85? Is this possible? If it's an 85 would it still be worth purchasing even though there's a ton of differences between it and the 86?

Any help will be much appreciated!


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