Big fan of build threads so thought id start one for my new project.
Mid last year i bought this beautiful machine after hunting for a celica notch back for a few years.
1982 Celica RA60 1 owner
427,000 on the clock
Two small bits of rust and a flogged out 21r
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Car was standard and had been well looked after before sitting for a few years. It was a perfect base to build from.
Over the next 6 months i bought nearly everything to overhaul the suspension and brakes and ummed and ahhh'd about a powerplant for this 1980s stallion. An unfortunate incident driving a friends car saw a naturally aspirated sr20 thrust into my possession so i thought may as well go with that.
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Im a big fan of NA engines and know my way around nissan's enough to be confident wiring it in and setting up myself. The car will be drifted so non turbo will keep things cheap. Plans for the motor are to replace the bearings, oil pump, water pump, some gaskets and throw on some headers. Later down the track id like to do something more but for now i just want to drive the car.

Bought an ra65 parts car with a friend.
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Which means ive now got the nice front end to go on as well as some spare parts.

I have only recently started working on the car so should have plenty to update over the coming months. Im planning to have the car on the road before i go to japan in late July so ive got a fair bit to do. Here are some pictures.
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