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    FOR SALE: 1983 AE86 Sprinter Tarmac Rally Car $30,000

    This beautiful little race car is a good example of a sought-after classic that is getting rarer to find in this condition.
    This car was rebuilt from the ground up 6 years ago and competed in 3 events, before going into storage shortly afterwards.
    A huge amount of time and money (over 50k) and a great deal of thought went into the details during the build.
    The car is largely standard and unmolested in terms of chassis and running gear so it would suitable for someone wanting to compete or build a car to meet even very restricted eligibility criteria. It is CAMS log-booked as group 3J.
    If you look at how much a halfway decent road car, a decent cage and a great paintjob are going to set you back, without even building an engine, there’s no doubting the value buy this little classic represents.
    Below is outlined a lot of the finer details:

    Bare metal respray in 2pack white
    Tower to tower CDS Rollcage
    Driving position to suit person over 6 foot comfortably and improve weight distribution
    Floor mount pedal box with remote bias adjustment
    Electric p/s and steering reduction box in column with removable steering wheel
    Custom wiring loom with all necessary switches relocated within reach of the driver
    Velo and Cobra race seats
    Autotechnica Harnesses
    Battery relocated behind navigator seat
    Carbon fibre composite foot rests and door cards
    Minimal dash and centre console
    The car tips the scales a bit over 900kg wet, with 50/50 weight distribution with crew onboard, and there is still scope for weight reduction

    External reservoir BC dampers, compression and rebound adjustable
    8kg BC front springs, 5kg Lovells rear
    Selbys/ Whiteline adjustable Anti roll bars f/r and strut brace
    Polyurethane bushes throughout
    295mm vented front rotors, 270mm rear, both 4000 series dba
    FD RX7 4-spot front calipers
    R31 Skyline rear calipers with cable handbrake
    Braided brakelines
    Project Mu pads
    Rota Grid Classic 15*8 wheels with Kumho V700 205/50 R15s

    Small port 16v head, ported,
    1mm oversized supertech valves with TRD double valve springs, OEM shim-over buckets
    20v quad throttles
    Unifilter air box with bell-mouth trumpet inlet manifold
    440cc Denso injectors
    284deg Tighe camshafts with adjustable gears
    Coils on plugs, using Toyota 2zz coils
    Custom 4-2-1 exhaust manifold with 40” primaries
    Wiseco forged pistons, 13.5:1 compression
    TRD forged I-beam conrods
    Balanced and nitrided crankshaft
    The engine is tuned to run on E85 and has been rebuilt since the last event it competed in.

    Supporting Mods:
    NPC Cromoly flywheel and 5puck button clutch
    Aeroflow remote mount oil filter and cooler
    Koyo aluminium radiator
    Haltech sprint 500 ECU
    OEM T50 gearbox with fresh bearings and synchros, JDM bell housing and custom short-shift mod, plus a good condition spare
    T series diff, custom lower trailing arm mounts with Cusco LSD
    OEM tailshaft

    Safety Equipment includes RallySafe antenna, triangles, extingushers, first aid kit etc.

    Lots of handy little design features are spattered around the car, LED strip lighting, Dry-break fittings, quick disconnect plugs, etc, etc, to make it easier and faster to work on.

    I have various spare panels, gearboxes, a spare engine with big cams and Webber’s, I’m happy to look at various combinations of ingredients to suit your requirements. I also have a business involved in rally and racecar prep and on event servicing so we can take car of anything you may need changed or taken care of.

    Please email me or sms 0418186758 for more information if you are a genuine buyer.
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