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Thread: Take 2: Old Bluey

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    Cool ..........

    Hi all,

    Have always wanted to do a car thread but never had the patience so i am gonna do one finally.
    Well after the sale of my first sprinter a gold auspec with a bigport and a years leave from the car seen i am back with a new car.

    After what seemed like an eternity searching for a sprinter i gave up on them and started looking for a silvia or 180sx. Then unexpectedly i came across this sprinter with a healthy bigport and new clutch. After some consideration i bought it for a reasonable price(no takumi tax) which i thought didnt exist anymore for ae86's.

    Dont get me worng it needs a fair bit of work but all of that stuff was going to be swapped out anyways.

    Pics when i figure out how to do them on this new site.

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