i will be attending wanting to aleast see some other hachi's run !!!!

Proudly Supported by and held at:

Silverwater Automotive Services
1/141 Silverwater Rd Silverwater NSW 2128

Members $45 (Both 2WD & 4WD).
Non-Members $50 - 2WD, $65 - 4WD.

The 18th Bi Annual Toymods DynoDay is scheduled for

Sunday January 18th 2009. (8.30am Start !)

Dyno Day 18 will once again be held at SAS in Silverwater. Dyno runs will be conducted in "Shootout" mode on a 4WD Dyno Dynamics Chassis Dyno.

The day is open to members and non members alike, all vehicles are more than welcome. Remember - ANY vehicle can compete but to be eligible for the Trophies the car MUST be TOYOTA powered.

Each vehicle will receive ONE Run on the 4WD Dyno.

WE ARE STILL KEEN FOR A SPONSOR FOR THIS EVENT! Please contact Rod Try (0416 181 284) or Dav Hoban (0416 167 775) if you are interested in being the trophy Sponsor for Dyno Day 18!

The Day will start with a Bacon and Egg Sandwich for Breakfast at $2.50 for members and $3.50 for non-members

For Lunch members will be able to buy a Sausage Sandwich for $2 and a cold can of drink for $1. Non members will be able to buy a Sausage Sandwich for $3 and a cold can of drink for $1. Rissole sandwiches will also be available at $3 for members and $4 for non members


There will be 6 primary categories with the overall Killerwatt King perpetual trophy going to the highest overall score of the day.

Vehicles will be eligible to compete in only one PRIMARY class. The vehicle owner may choose to compete in a higher class but must do so before their Dyno Run.

The 6 Primary classes are:

Under 1800cc N/A Class
1800cc - 2800cc N/A Class
Over 2800cc N/A Class

Under 1800cc Forced Induction Class
1800cc - 2400cc Forced Induction Class
Over 2400cc Forced Induction Class.

The 2 Secondary Class Trophies are:

Top 4WD
Most improved.*

*The Most improved Trophy is for the member with the Highest percentage kw increase on his/her car from the previous Dyno Day. It must be the same Vehicle and must be back to back Dyno days where the entrant was a Financial member for BOTH events.

Class Trophies will be Presented at the end of the day for interstate competitors but otherwise will be presented at the following Toymods Monthly meeting, as will the Trophy for the Killerwatt King proudly sponsored by Redline Motorsport.


• Only FINANCIAL Toymods members are eligible for trophies
• Only TOYOTA powered vehicles are eligible for trophies. At a bare minimum both the block and head must be of Toyota origin.
• Toymods Membership if due or new on the day must be paid BEFORE your dyno run.
• Only your FIRST Dyno Run counts towards the trophies. Should you wish to have a second run on the dyno you are more than welcome to do so. All are welcome to pay for a second run if time allows However Only the first run will be elegible for consideration. Time permitting Second Runs will be available at the end of the day.

The Offical Judging team on the day will accept comment from each vehicle owner BEFORE the car is unstrapped from the Dyno. The Judges Decision regarding any possible re-run is Final.

• The judges decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. No arguments will be tolerated with the Dyno Operators and any inappropriate behaviour will result in the offending competitor being asked to leave.


The class eligibility for your vehicle is based on the presence of forced induction be it Turbo or Supercharger and the capacity of your engine. Since there is no way to determine an engine's internal modification capacity is based on the Original Factory capacity of the block used.

There are no boost limits for the forced induction classes, the toymods car club does not handicap those people who have constructed an engine capable of supporting higher boost levels.

There are also no restrictions on the type of fuel used on the day. Should you be running anything other than PUMP gas please advise the Dyno opperator PRIOR to your run.

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact the toymods board on

The Toymods car Club and SAS will not be responcible for any damage, no matter how arising during testing/moving of the vehicles.

The Toymods Car Club Encourages Responsible driving to and from all of its events. Any unnecessary 'showboating' will result in the offender being unwelcome at any further Toymods events!!
Dav Hoban
Special Events Coordinator