Hi All,

The time has come to sell my 1977 HX Sandman Panelvan.
Unfortunately moving house has left me with no room and one too many cars.

I'm chasing $8000 for this but due to current circumstances I'm willing to drop to $7k and I'm open to offers!!

this is a genuine 1977 hx sandman panelvan in mint jewlep green, though the stickers have been removed all of the other genuine items are inplace including the gts wheels and centre caps, the gts dash, wheel, bucket seats, full length roof lining ect.

the back is decked out with 2 10 inch subs, 8 speakers, a queen sized bed, false walls covered in crushed purple velvet. the entire sound system is concealed behind false walls or under the mattress.

this car has appeared in several shows and in just cars magazine.

the car will be sold in as is condition minus the amplifier for the subs (as its not mine to sell). the car is currently unregistered but should only be a matter of a hand brake cable for roadie.

the engine is a 202 blue motor with an XU1 cam, extractors, port and pollished head, fully ballenced. the gearbox is the factor spec m21 4 speed.

the engine hasn't missed a beat in 5 years since it was built it has done approx 30,000k's with regular oil changes and generally good maintenance. the gearbox has only recently been fitted and is as close to silent as i've had in this car.

please feel free to give me a call to discuss further. right now i'm on a bit of a deadline so offers and inspections are very welcome



Parkwood QLD 4214
0412 849 993