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    Default ke70 suspension

    hey i have a ke70 and have read heaps of posts on different suspension that can be used i need new springs all round and i have heard u can use EB falcon springs for the rear and commodor springs for the front what type of commodor has the springs i could use. i need to get a road worthy and all mine are cut too low but i dont want to put standard springs back in. want it to handle better.

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    you dont have much chance of gettin a road worthy with any cut springs.
    in the front i ran rear VS commodore ute springs, but they needed to be cut a fair bit.

    just put the stock stuff back in for a roady.

    or if you have a bit more to spend get some ae86 struts and brakes which there are alot more options for good shocks, and alot more after market springs to choose from.

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    cheers mate

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