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Thread: gte hard to start when hot

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    Default gte hard to start when hot

    map sensored gze with stock ecu.
    when cold it starts first kick but after it gets some heat into it,even the hot days this week itl crank fine and after say 10 or so seconds begins to start and even then it cofs and farts till im guessn the excess fuel clears cos i can smell fuel after it starts. after that clears it runs ok,has a slight miss sometimes on idle. doesnt pink no mater the weather or load.
    ive taken the off coolant idle control valve but it was doing this before taking it off.
    the guy i bought the motor off said,the guy before him may have had a ems stinger or somthn nasty on it when it was a gze. could the ignition timing been played with cos of the ecu?
    a friend suggested maybe a weak fuel pump?? whats the fuel pressure meant to be at? 3 bar??
    i have noticed that itl go better on half throttle than too the floor.

    any other ideas?

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    I am having the same problem with a standard Honda that is not modifyed. We are thinking maybe the coolant temp sensor needs replacing, (makes the ECU think it's cold and runs rich). Or maybe the injectors are leaking (causing it to run rich).

    Fuel pressure should be at about 40psi. I don't think a weak fuel pump is the problem.

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    i was startn to thiink its a sensor too. just sucks cos when i bought the motor i bought new sensors from toyota,the two at the back. they cost me a absolute f#ck load.
    40psi. thanks,see what happens

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