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Thread: AE86 Dash not working...

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    Skid Kid

    Default AE86 Dash not working...


    just picked up a sprinter that has had a ge conversion done and now have to try and work out why the dash isnt working properly...

    i have no Tacho, Water Temp, Oil Temp...

    any ideas for quick troubleshooting?


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    Skid Kid

    Default one has any ideas?

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    check all fuses,

    If theye all ok, i would check the factory AE86 round black plug located on your firewall, there is a yellow/black and yellow/green wires that go to your guages(oil pressure and water temp, respectivly) make sure these are connected to the engine loom.

    The factory tacho wire is located near the factory coil, its a thin, black wire, make sure this is connected to your 4age coil negative.

    hope this helps mate!

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