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Thread: sparking issues

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    Default sparking issues

    hey all just looking on some advice on my rolla
    ive checked everything re wired the ignition wires they were fried!!
    new dizzy and coil pack, there is pulse at all spots there should be just can't get the thing to krank?
    i think my computer i fried looked inside doesnt look that bad however there are signs of water damage.
    oh btw this all cam about when the engine turned off when i was crusiing 90kmh. im craving a slide really want this problem fixed.

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    What exactly is the problem? IT cranks but wont spark?

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    yer it does krank just not getting any spark
    the full story is; ive got a blue top large port, story is i redone the head last wk and the mechanic put it together shonkly plugs out wires everywhere!!! worse thing was he didint bolt the exhaust in at all my catr has got wires hanging around this area and the xhaust obviously hot has touched these wires and fried the crap outta them, before realising this i had already bought new dizzy and coil pack which was bit of a waste ah well they looked like they need replacing, got a bigger coil pack too. i think its the computer fried!!

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