for sale

full set of Gunmetal grey 14 inch wantanabies.
2 are 6.5" wide, 2 are 7" wide
offset is unsure
still currently on car but hasnt been driven in over a month wanna sell to finance fixing my bottem end
tyre are
rear Elites EXR 175x65x14
fronts Yokohama C.Drive 195x60x14
very good tread
these wheels are light and in great condition

sell $750
will consider trades for MA61 wheels with cash adjust
4age in running order
or some parts to go on my sprinter

falcon chop springs they sit around the same hieght as my 230mm 6kg springs

munro short stroke shocks to suit springs

springs and shocks on my car when i got it

$200 for pair

located adelaide sa
contact via pm or 0401931970