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Thread: My Sprinters, SR20det, 4AGE

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    Default My Sprinters, SR20det, 4AGE

    Ok, seems were all like new and shit, i'd better move my members ride over. and i'm lazy so i'm going to condence

    First car, SR20d one..

    Ok guys.. so i got tired of the 4AGE.. and wanted something with a bit more punch.. and a wee bit different. so i hops on ebay, and spotted a KE70 with an age in it.. so me and my bro hops in a car and drives to brizzy to have a look at it. we get there, the ke is basicly sold. :'( i then started looking at this AE86 the guy has,, ne who, one thing leads to another and i bought it.. so here it is. bit of a photo log of us fixing poor craftsman ship.. but yeah.. um abit of info about the car i guess..

    SR20DET Out of a 180 Type X... has a black tappet cover.. but is identical to a red top..

    Mitsubishi 3 core VR4 radiator
    Earls oil cooler with braided lines and remote filter
    Trust 100mm thick Drag Intercooler
    Davies Craig thermo fans x 2

    1 Piece Tailshaft Hilux diff
    Cusco RS 2 way LSD

    All converted to S13 hardware
    Apexi N1 coilovers
    Section pillow ball adjustable castor rods
    Cusco pillow ball upper mounts
    Whiteline sway bar
    RS*R springs
    TRD green 8 way adjustable shocks
    Section pillow ball adjustable trailing arms
    ARC pillow ball adjustable sway bar

    Trust GREX front strut brace
    Cusco rear strut brace

    R32 Skyline master cylinder
    APP braided brake lines
    R32 Skyline 4 spot calipers
    R32 Skyline slotted and cross drilled discs
    Trust GREX pads
    JDM calipers
    JDM EBC discs
    Trust GREX pads

    Volk Rays Engineering TE37 16 x 8"
    Yokohama A539 205-45-16
    Work deep dish 15 x 8"
    Various Tyres

    Recaro SR drivers seat
    Nardi Classic steering wheel

    so.. i gets it home and it looks like this..

    after not much time we start playing.. First thing we did was move the cooler.. Far too low and held in with zip ties.. the next few days was me cutting zip ties and putting bolts in their place, also replaced the front bumper with a much more street stock looking one also fitted a set of red lines.. i think they suit it

    we then took to the fuel system.. i didnt like having the fuel pump sitting behind me.. so we moved the surge tank into were the jack is ment to live.. and the fuel pump out of the car, provides a much more enjoyable.. quiet driving environment.. meh, i can't be fucked typing any more, i'll just let the pictures do the talking

    My cars with my bro's (when i had 18's on it..)

    with no wing and my P1's

    As it sits today...

    oh and my 71

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