Have a pair of T18 Struts here that i was going to use. but changed me mind,

The rotors have a bit of surface rust. i recommend a machine, or use the provided pads and take it for a thrash on them. then put new pads in.

Calipers seem ok, but seems a little tight (the piston) then the other..
pads about 50%

Have near new Standard Length Monero *i think* gas inserts. no leaks. All you need is a different Gland Nut to fit them. stock one dont work.

Have Got stock springs with 2 coils cut off each, and a pair of 6Kg 230mm free Height springs.

Ill throw a price of $250 for the lot, or PM with a offer.

Will also trade for pairs of rims, or 195/50/R15 tyres with atleast over 50% tread. or General KE70 stuff

Im in Tassy and Can Send aus wide. but your looking at least $70-90 a complete strut.,