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Thread: AE86 parts- random

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    Default AE86 parts- random

    JDM coolant bottle - $35

    100kw 212mm flywheel - $95

    used clutches, 200mm, 212mm, GZE $?

    T50 gear stick $25

    ADM fuel tank

    pair of "extra lock" rack ends, done only 100km. $95

    Monroe front shocks, short stoke (Celica) Only done 100km. perfect length and fitment $90?

    Monroe front shocks, stock length (XT130). Done 100km or less. $80

    Monroe rear shocks, short stroke (Corona/commodore?) perfect condition and fitment $50?

    ADM alloy 13" wheels x 5 with OK tyres.

    sidefleed injectors x6. From 1JZ-GTE. To suit 20valve. $120

    All items located in Hobart, TAS.
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