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Thread: 3ds Max - MZ11 Soarer

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    Default 3ds Max - MZ11 Soarer

    Hey guys.

    Started learning 3ds Max on Monday at Uni... didn't really touch it until this morning when I started attempting to do one of the workshops (had to model a ute). They allow the use of artistic license, so it clicked that I should do an old school Toyota. I like the look of (Not a plug! He has heaps of pics of it which help ) so I tried modeling that. Here a few photos of the progress:

    I'm doing one side then mirroring it so that's why it's really wide. Still haven't got the body proportions right yet, also.

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    Rim pattern isn't intentional... just my lack of skill haha.

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    Always try to keep them as squares

    Triangles fuck with the mesh, try to connect all the vertices also, will make it much easier to work with

    looks alright so far, i did it for a little bit but lost interest

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    So you mean like change every triangle to a square and that will make those weird shards near the guards go away? How do I make an edge curve?

    How did you get into it?

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    Yeah, it'll get rid of the stupid shadow things it does.

    Not sure what you mean how do you make an edge curve? add more vertex's and just slowly shape it

    i just did it for fun, followed a few online tutorials

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    That looks pretty cool.

    Yeah I'm trying to do it but they're not going away.. haha.

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    that looks rad man.

    keep up the good work

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    Haha I didn't know anyone was actually interested! I handed it in recently and started work on something else, but I put some springs and stuff in just for fun. I couldn't find out how to get rid of the artefacts so they're still there:

    It's also the right width now haha... but yeah it didn't turn out that great. I've also just finished a plane and a trike haha:

    Hot, I know.
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    That trike would own for drifting.

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