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Thread: Ls1 Individual coilpacks inbuilt ignitors

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    Default Ls1 Individual coilpacks, TWINKY wheel added!

    As the title says.

    I bought a set of 8 coilpacks, but will only be using 4 of them in my 4agte 20v.

    so the other 4 are up for sale!

    A quick google search you will find lots of information on these coils, they are very tuff, heat resistant, they can run on very low signal voltage and most importantly, produce a very hot spark.

    There is no need for ignitors as these coils have them inbuilt. they also come with the factory LS1 coil mount and each coil has the factory plug also, which makes them easy to wire into your car!

    located in melbourne.

    I paid $250 for the 8, so for the 4 im after $125!SOLD!!!

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