story goes i got my daily/thrasher defected last night and there is no chance of getting it off so i thought ill track it for the LoL's.

its got 14/6 starsharks on it at the moment and ive got some work equip 01 skidders.

its still got the beast of a motor 4k in it with 5speed box.
ghetto cut air filter lid.
fresh satin red paint.
got emtreme hd clucth.
new gt gas monroes lol.
chrome bumper thanks to sven.
gonna get a locker in it soon and cut falcoons, ghetto all the way here.
rona LCA's.
lock spacer.
weld random bars for added strenth lol.
getting a exhaust match for it. dont know what it is you will see.
pics up soon.