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Thread: [BNE] One for the olds... '06 Camry Sportivos

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    Default [BNE] One for the olds... '06 Camry Sportivos

    Hey boys and girls,

    Essentially, the company I work for has a couple of Toyota Camry Sportivos coming up for sale, one immediately and one in May. They're 2006 vintage, automatic 4 cylinder beasts. Both are plain white, come with factory alloy wheels, and a few other things, but wouldn't be classified as "all optioned". They do come with tinting too.

    One of them has just under 100,000km's and the other is getting close to 110,000km's, so they're both still pretty tidy and fresh. Both have been genuinely serviced by Motorama Toyota, at every scheduled interval.

    Both were part of hire-purchase plans, which expire this month and May. The way it works is we had to make a small payout to buy them, and we can't make a profit off it or we get charged tax.

    Pics are available on request, as are test drives if done before their de-registration date. Vehicles will be sold unregistered but with a valid roadworthy certificate.

    Bargain at only $13,500 each. Cheapest you'll find them on Carsales, etc, is usually ~$16000, but usually go for $18000-19000. Great daily or good for a parental figure.

    PM or reply.
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