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Thread: Front shocks.

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    Default Front shocks.


    bought a pair of KYB rally shocks with the intention of putting them in my xt130 struts. I was under the impression that xt130 struts are pretty much identical to ae86 one's?
    Once i had pulled out the stock inserts i found that the new Ae86 specific front shock inserts would not fit, as in i couldn't do up the gland nuts because i couldn't get the threads to meet. So my questions are: Is there other gland nuts you can purchase to fit? Is there any machining that needs to be done, eg. Machining of the shock cartridge and gland nut, or even strut? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Also, Maybe a silly question but, when running chopped front springs in the front end. Does the flat side of the spring sit on the bottom (chopped side on top) or the top (chopped side on the bottom)?


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