Parts: Complete KE70... had a bingle and twisted chassis. now got a new non rolla daily, and i want a earlier rolla for a weekend/thrash car.

Flat front panels in good condition, includes bonnet, guards, stone tray, the panel near windscreen, lights, grill, brackets.
Near mint interior. Its the xx model, its all blue. drivers seat has sunk. needs re padding.
dash is good, front door trims been hacked to fit speakers
roofline is mint
rear seats good

Back window is brand new, only 6 months old. has a rc sticker, and a oh snap sticker on it.
all other windows are great, good doors, no dents.

Have a cusco strut brace, to suit,

any parts need just ask, ill post pics of specific parts as requested.

Condition: good to mint

Price: Depends on part

Strut brace $120 posted anywhere is aus