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Thread: Feeler: HKS cams 304 deg. 4age 16v

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    Default Feeler: HKS cams 304 deg. 4age 16v

    Just seeing if anyone is interested in a set of HKS 304 deg. cams, suited for a 16v head

    I am unsure of the lift of these at the moment I will have to check them out at my other shed.

    They were purchased through Banzai around 18 months ago and I had a head setup for them, but because of blowing 2 engines in the build it has been put on the backburner.

    These WILL NOT work in a standard 4age head, you will need to replace schims, valve springs etc, and computer obviously to get these working.

    I am interested in Selling these, but also trading for something more 'streetable' as I was and still may chuck these into my 86 depending on what happens here. Looking for 264 deg and round abouts if anyone is interested in a swap.

    Price is $700 at the moment as I am in no rush to sell these, may adjust if you have any things you may want to swap for.

    I am located in Geelong, Victoria and I am willing to post if needed. I will get pictures up as soon as I get to my shed.

    PM me with offers and any other details

    Thanks Hayden

    PS. I also have the head that is setup for this that has been port/flow polished re-vamped with all the needs to run the cams, Also a re-furbished bottom end and all the peices to put it back together. Just need to get the stock pistons back off my engine builder and custom bearings to make it complete. 20v quads aswell. I may be interested if anyone wanted to buy the whole package off me.....PM offers though
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