Hey to all you central westies out there.

I know there has been a few of you all that have wanted a cruise organised in this area....so here it is.

Me and a mate have decided to organise a cruise on Sunday the 16th march (due to another planned cruise being planned for that weekend and the dates being changed at the last minute) running from the central west area down to the hawkesbury area and back up thru the mountains.

The plans for this cruise are as follows:

09.00 Meet up at McDonalds back carpark in Bathurst.
09.30 Depart heading towards Lithgow
10.00-10.15 Arrive in Lithgow, meet at Lithgow Mcdonalds for people from the area to meet up.
10.30 Depart Lithgow, Taking the Bells Line of Road to Richmond,
Head Right down Castlereigh Rd towards Penrith,
Head Right up through Springwood Rd, through Yarramundi
12.30-13.00 Meet up at the Hawkesbury Heights Lookout for a picnic Lunch, Plenty of Parking.
14.00-15.00 Head Back through Springwood to Great Western Highway to Bathurst area (or where you need to go)

This is a rough guideline and the travel times are not set in stone. However the McDonalds Departures need to be sharp.

This route was chosen as there are a few good hills runs that can be done, begin and end of bells line, and the road up to hawkesbury heights lookout. This can be driven at your own will if you feel like a run while we are stopped for lunch.

Please leave a confirmation of your interest in this thread.

Contact me on:

Beau (sr_rolla) 0410 723 395

Call, Text, Post in this thread or PM if you need more details or have any questions. Let hope to get a few cars happening. All corolla enthusiasts welcome (even if your not in a rolla).

Thanks All

P.S. sorry for the late notice but circumstances are what they are, if ppl can come sweet. Also, the plans for the lunch meetup may change on the day but its going to but either the lookout of a pub lunch in the area