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Thread: Head Light Conversion?

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    Default Head Light Conversion?

    Hey Guys,

    I'm kinda new to this web forum.. kind of a traitor from Ozhonda.. from my experiences as a Honda owner, ITR headight conversions were as easy as getting a few fenders, front bar, hood and a set of lights..

    Just wondering, would the process be the same to convert from square headlights to flip lights in the same maner.. I know there'd still be some electricals involved such as the motors for the flip lights etc.

    What exactly am I looking at here, and is it physically possible to do?

    Sorry guys.. I'm new to Hachi's, but i love 'em to bits..
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    hachi = eight.

    anywhoo. trueno front guards and indicators, popup lights, bumper, mounts, bonnet, grill and a few other bits and pieces, not overly hard.
    lol at white people in japan. just lol.

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    Thanks for your help, just wanted to know whether it was possible.. I've bought a sprinter with a 4AC as my next project, picked it up dirt cheap too.. so i'll be yanking the 4AC out and placing something else in.. as you can see I don't know much about Sprinter.. lol sorry for callin' them Hachi's, and yes.. its is 8

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