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Thread: JayCar Frequency Switch Rev Limiter

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    Question JayCar Frequency Switch Rev Limiter

    Hey guys, i remember a year or so ago i read on this forum about the jaycar frequency switch someone had used much like a bee r rev limiter.

    Just wondering if anyone knew who that person was or if anyone else has done it as i am in the process of doing it and just trying to get my head around.

    Thanks guys

    - Christian

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    i would also be interested to know the ins and outs...

    want to put a limiter on my carby motor

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    i remember someone did a little thing on rollaclub. ill try find it now

    EDIT: her ya

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    im driving out there with new hydro setup
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    haha i have the exact same picture from when i got my sportmaxx lol.
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    whats with the drift rings? i know they are just a novelty but do they represent or signify anything?

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    doesnt hep me but thanks anyway man..

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