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Thread: adm ae86 parts for sale wollongong nsw

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    Default adm ae86 parts for sale wollongong nsw

    hey peoples got some random parts that i have had left over or that i have purchased then gone another way with on my project. i have a heap more parts floatin around so if you dont see what you need message me on what you want and ill have a look in the garage and see if i got it


    item 1 pair of front brake calipers and rotors
    item 2 brake booster
    item 4 front and passenger seat.
    item 5 rear bar
    item 6 standard exhaust with cannon muffler
    item 7 rear quater windows both of em
    item 8 front k-frame with lower control arms and steering rack etc
    item 9 steering column

    there is heaps more bits i got this will do for now

    1. seem to work fine but being second hand would run a seal kit trough em to make sure on condition i upgraded so didnt need anymore
    4.drivers side a bit rough and has tears here and there passenger seat spot on
    5.good condition paint it your color and throw it on. curently black
    6.good condition big cannon on the back sounds loud upgraded mine and dont like cannons lol
    7.excellent condition

    all in west wollongong

    PRICE: all prices ono and pick up only
    1.$ 50
    2.$ 30
    3.$ 50
    4.$ 40 both
    5.$ 30
    6.$ 40
    7.$ ?? offers
    8.$ ?? offers
    9.$ 25

    got heaps more.
    might also swap for any parts of interest i made need to finish my drift beast
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