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Thread: tuning with jatcar hand controller?

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    Default tuning with jatcar hand controller?

    just wondering i have just icked up a 31 drift car while my ke gets finished now it has this jaycar hand controller to control fuel and shit any way it running like a bucket of shit and i was just wondering if anyone knew how to tune them i seems to be getting too much fuel or not enuff. runs fine on idle and when u go to rev it it just dies. sorts like afm been disconnected.

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    the jaycar controllers run as an interupt to the afm signal, if you disconect the fuel controller it will run as standard, there should also be a switch on the side of the box that the controller plugs into which should turn of the fuel controller andreturn the system to standard. they are just a signal interupt system. basicly if you tell the computer that its getting more air through the afm than it it then it will give it more fuel...savvy??

    im bout to get one of these for my 4AGE they are good value and have great resolution for the price... i have a book on them if you need more info send me a PM

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