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Thread: Urgent help please: Windscreen wiper wiring (4ac)

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    Default Urgent help please: Windscreen wiper wiring (4ac)

    Hey guys,

    Ive been fixing everything to RWC my new ADM AE86, but Im stuck on one problem... The f***ing window wipers! They dont work!

    But please note... the wiring in this car is a mess... it has a 4AC and i believe a 4AGE loom in it... so there's HEAPS of wires and heaps of spare plugs

    On first look, there was no plug going to the wiper motors, hence the problem.

    Does anyone know WHERE THE FUCK IT COMES FROM!?!?!?

    I was told I am looking for a blue, blue/orange, blue/white and blue/black wired plug which should come out near the wiper motor..

    well i couldn't find it so I followed those coloured wires along the loom which travels under the dash to the passenger kick panel
    The problem is however, that those coloured wires go to the heater!?

    The horrible thought I had though, is the plug might not be there to be found!

    If someone could tell me where on the fuse box the plug with the wires for the wiper motor goes, so I can check if it is there, and where it goes, so I can see if Im looking for something which isn't there, and if I need to wire up a new plug.

    Thanks guys

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    You're in the right spot. Parrot posted the Electrical Wiring Diagram a while back, so you should get yourself a copy. It's also on My copy is at home, so can't help you with details at the moment but from memory I've got a squarish white plug at the wiper motor.

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    Put up some photos of what your engine bay looks like that may help.

    And if its had a JDM AE86 loom in it the plugs are usually on the 4AGE engine loom. So if its just got a 4AC engine loom now, that might be your issue.

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